Advantages of online cloud invoicing

Advantages of online cloud invoicing
  • Completely web-based. Nothing to install
  • Compatible with PC, MAC, Tablets or any mobile-friendly devices
  • Securely backed up several times a day
  • Export your data anytime to your computer
  • Free upgrades, automatically applied, no downtime

All your accounting data is at your fingertips, even on the road !

At the office, at home or on the roads.

Anywhere you have internet access, you have access to your services, you work with your teams.

PC, Mac, Linux, Tablets and internet devices.

You have a Mac, a PC, an Ipad, or any other devices. No matter your Operating System or your browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer), you can access your services anytime, everywhere.

No download, no setup - everything is automatic !

The online accounting application is online, you don't need to download nor install anything. You just have to use it !
Also, as part of this technology, all fixes and futures features will be available as soon as they will be release - for free.

Total transparency and cost control

Rates with no hidden costs. You have full control on all features - you decide those you need the most, and you are free to change these whenever you want!

Safe, Secure and Reliable

You don't need to be worry about computer crashing and losing all your documents. At SalenGo, we continuously replicated your data to a 2nd secure location to avoid any data lost in case of disaster.
All connections (including yours) are encrypted using a 256 bit SSL certificate certified.
As part as our philosophy, we publish our uptime statistics, which is near to 99,9% uptime today.

You get online support.

Got a question? Comment? You are directly connected with our technical teams that will support your requests.

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